My Story


It all started when…

I have a passion for design, flowers, and fashion.  It has been always in me, but only recently I have had the opportunity to deeply explore this passion while living in the Seattle area with my family.  (My husband Stephen and my children Maria Paula and Luciano)

I am originally from Colombia, South America and came to the United States in 2004 with my four year old daughter, two suitcases and a dream to provide a better opportunity for us.  I worked in the fashion industry were I had the opportunity to participate in opening new stores nationwide, while having the privilege to work for one of the largest Spanish multinational clothing companies. While working for the biggest fashion group in the world as a visual coordinator, I provided training on fashion trends, product knowledge, and visual standards.  I was extremely fortunate because I had the opportunity to work with very talented people and learn a great deal of visual techniques, coordination, fabrics, color balance, etc.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Transportation and Logistics Management that I earned while working full-time, in the logistics industry.  I am very proud and thankful for having the opportunity to work import and exports as this career enabled me to learn all the facets of the logistics industry.  Most importantly, I was able to provide for my family while pursuing my goals and new opportunities. Now is the time for me to follow my dream, develop my passion, and share with family, friends and clients the beauty of design and flowers! 

If you are worried about themes, colors, and creativity, I have you covered; if logistics and time have you overwhelmed, let me be the one to sooth your worries.  My eye for detail, passion and commitment will make your event to be a memorable life experience. Cheers!!

~ Sandra T. Hartz ~